Offshore Pipelay & Installation

As part of our strategic move to penetrate and engage in new business segment, Alam Maritim has developed OIC division to provide transportation, installation and commissioning of pipelines, structure and subsea equipment services. This OIC division is responsible for heavy lifting works as well as the provision of pipelaying services for both offshore and onshore requirements.

Heavy Lifting

OIC is able to transport and install any offshore platforms regardless of weight, dimension, water depth and complexity. We have the expertise, marine vessels, equipment and machinery to undertake the work safety, timely, economically and with quality. One of OIC’s  achievement was the succesfull transportation and installation of E8 and F13K modules for Sarawak Shell Bhd (SSB). Each module weight more than 2,000 MT.The work was completed in May 2013 without any HSE incident, ahead of schedule and to the full satisfaction of Sarawak Shell Bhd (SSB).

Mooring / Subsea Facilities EPC

In 2011, OIC embarked into new area of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC). The contract, involving engineering, procurement, fabrication, installation and pre-commisioning of two Single Point Mooring (SPM) units and subsea installation and pre-commisioning of two Pipeline End Manifolds (PLEM) units was succesfully completed in October 2012. The SPMs and PLEMs were fabricated in Labuan and installed at Offshore Kimanis, Sabah, fulfilling the HSE, schedule and quality requirements set by CLient.

Onshore Approach / Onshore Pipeline

OIC has a proven track record of executing shore approach and onshore pipelines in numerous projects such as KNAG, SOGT dual pipelines and BCOT. The works involved are cofferdam construction, holdback facilities, beach pull, piping at landfall, pipeline pre-commissioning, pipeline trenching and rock dumping. With a combination of experienced engineers, skilled workers and a fleet of heavy equipment marine vessels, OIC has the proven capability to deliver any similar project safely, timely, economically and with highest quality.

Offshore Pipeline

OIC owns 1MAS-300, an installation barge which can perform offshore instalation of pipeline up to 60 inches in diameter to water depth up to 100 meters. Recently completed projects are SOGT 28″ and 36″ Offshore Pipeline installation Project, and BCOT 24″ Offshore Pipeline. Our methods of pipelay are either by pulling the pipeline from shore and continue with offshore pipe-lay or perform beach pull and partial pipelay seperately and perform mid-point tie-in or inter-platform installation of pipelines, spools and risers.

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